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Now you can now manage your payroll deduction online!
You no longer have to hassle with paper forms and you can
manage your giving with the ease of a few mouse clicks.
Whether you want to add a designation or change the
amount and level at which you are giving,
it can all be done through the button below!


"Every dollar we give to WKU contributes to a legacy for our future generations. I have been a long term donor because I believe in the vision, mission and core values that have shaped the continuous transformation of this great institution."

- Freida Eggleton, NCAA Academic Compliance Coordinator


"I believe in the power of higher education to enlighten and touch people of all ages. I have designated my gifts to an area that I feel enhances the scholarly experience, and I’ve personally observed how it has helped."

- Jonathan Jeffrey, Professor of Library Special Collections

Why are you passionate about giving back to WKU? Let us know by clicking here.